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Hugo Risan

Promoter: Thor Gilhus


Hugo does a very relaxed version of Silver Wings, extremely enjoyable. Love the up tempo sound of Oh Me Oh My Sweet Baby, well nailed on that one too. Tips of My Fingers sounds really great! Hugo has a great voice for listening too, close my eyes and want to sway and sing with Hugo. He has that real smooth sound about him. 


Beth Brown

Jukebox Junkie Shows

Yass Water Works, Cooks Hill Road

Yass, NSW, 2582


Hugo has the look and the sound. I enjoy clear diction in a song and Hugo does that and does a wonderful job of all three songs, Bill Anderson would be pleased with 'The tips of my finger' and Merle will be smilin' down from Country heaven. I have never heard 'Oh me, oh my sweet baby', but I like it.


Kind regards

Ray Tombs

Radio Cindy 107.7FM




Hugo Risan...what a great sound. I enjoy getting tracks from new artists and Hugo would have to be included into my 'Best Of' list. His voice is refreshing and an absolute pleasure to listen to and I will have no hesitation in including Hugo into my radio program playlist. I do hope that we hear more from this singer and I wish Hugo all the best for a great career.


Barry Cannon

"Big Gun Country"
Radio 4K1G 107.1fm

Townsville Qld, Australia
Sunday nights 6pm - 10pm.


As a presenter i think he has a great future in the music industery ,a really great voice ,i will give him lots of promotion over here in Australia




I love Hugo´s voice.  To me he has a voice which could easily cover any type of music, from country to popular music and even classical. It is a soft voice which has great strength as well and would be at home in various genres.


Talk soon again



What an exciting find. I found Hugo very entertaining to listen to.  Wish i had more. «The tracks Tips of my fingers» and «Silver wings»  should both be tying for number one on the country charts Worldwide!  They certainly belong there.

What a find. Thanks for sending over such a wonderful exciting artist that i had never heard of before. I hope he goes a long way in the Music field



Hugo Risan has a great voice! I like the way he has made the songs his, a hard thing to do but he has! Have down loaded all three songs will be show caseing them next week in my show!

BJ BJ'S Country R Double P FM


I have just downloaded these tracks.  Very many thaqnks for sending them to me. Hugo's voice is like a breath of fresh air on the Country Music Scene. I would love to have him as a guest on my show, which goes out every Saturday from 12 noon to 2 pm and is repeated the following Tuesday by a Radio Station in New Mexico.

Kind regards



Thank you very much for these excellent songs. I just added "Silver Wings" to my program 21, 2016. The two other songs will be on my forthcoming programs. Hugo did a perfect job by covering these songs. It's not easy to do this, because everybody knows the original versions. He's able to sing a broad variety of songs, from ballads to rocking songs. Please be so kind and keep me updated on Hugo's work.


All the best to you and stay well


Kabsi, Australia


Christmas_Risan_Front_Ready copy.jpg

Hugo Risan has been thinking for years to make a Christmas album but this has never been a priority, until now!

Referred to Hugo himself, he says; "... to me it gets a little boring with one and the same voice through 13 Christmas songs". Hugo wanted to do something about that.

"We really like Christmas at home in our family and Christmas music is a high priority around our fireplace every Christmas," says Hugo. This is how Hugo came up with an idea for a duet album filled with Christmas.


The album "Wishing You a Merry Christmas" became a reality and as a duet partner, Hugo asked Miriam Risan, known by the name MIRIAM, to join him on the album. MIRIAM is a Norwegian singer and songwriter based in Country / Bluegrass music and has had success with her version of "You Never Will" and "Little Angels" from her album "Open Arms". In addition, she has contributed as a co-writer in both Norwegian, American and Greek productions and is probably better known to the people outside Norway's borders.

The album "Wishing You a Merry Christmas" contains duets and individual Christmas songs, both traditional and not so traditional, which make the album interesting and vibrant. Here you will find hits like "Let It Snow", "I'll Be Home For Christmas", "Thru Your Eyes", "With Bells On", "The Man With The Bag” and “Hangin 'Round The Mistletoe" to name a few .


Hugo Risan, Norwegian singer, musician, and writer with 38 years in the music industry. He has toured with many small and large artists, both Norwegian and foreign as guitarist, bassist, harmoni vocals and band leader. He has participated in a number of productions over the years but has his own releases at the albums "Finally" which received many good reviews in the press and a strong reception from the audience and his second album, Hugo Risan "II" who also got countries outside Norway's borders to get to know him better.


And yes, for those who are wondering, Miriam and Hugo are married to each other J


Miriam and Hugo wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

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